Thursday, November 26, 2009

CVS & Walgreens 11/26/09!!!

So I think I might need to join a 12-step program; my couponing is getting a little out of contol. I'm half-joking, of course ;)

Anyways, so my boyfriend and I live about 8 hours away from my family, so we drive down on Wed night. We got to my parents city around 2:50AM today and I convinced my bf to let me go to the 24hr CVS and Walgreens so I could get these deals. He agreed, but wasn't too happy about it.

But look how I did!!! There's alot, so I'm not going to do the breakdowns. If you'd like to look at the deals check at Hip2Save's blog, CVS deals & Walgreens deals.


Total: $1.41!!!
Total savings: $90.05!!!
And I have almost $24 in ECB left!!!



Total: $1.35!!!
Total savings: $26.60!!!
And I got back $22 in RR (I think hehe)

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