Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where I find my deals

I've talked to a couple couponers lately who asked me where I found my deals, since I don't post many on my site. I have this blog to show others how easy it can be to get good deals and save money. I don't post all the deals because I believe there are other websites that do that very well.

Two of my favorites are Hip2Save and TheKrazyCouponLady. Both of these sites post a variety of deals, including Walmart, Target,, Rite-Aid, CVS & Walgreens.

I also visit I Heart Wags and I Heart CVS to preview the CVS & Walgreens ads for any deals I need. Remember, it's impossible for bloggers to post all the deals, and your household needs will vary from others. I don't have any children so a lot of the deals don't apply to me, so I look on my own to see the best deals for me.

I also visit Common Sense with Money and Centsable Momma. These sites don't update as often as H2S or KCL, and mostly just post the *really* good deals, so it can be easier to find what you're looking for if you're limited on time.

I also recommend finding a local blog, if you have regional stores. For example, where I live, we have a grocery store called Dillons which is owned by Kroger, but the ads aren't always the same. I did a search (using my Swagbucks toolbar) for Dillons deals 12/9 (the new ad starts on Wed) I found a couple blogs that I now follow so I can get the Dillons deals too!

Another site I visit is Couponing to Disney. This is a great site to show you how you can actually put all the money you're saving to good use! The blogger is taking all the money she saves by couponing and turning it into a Disney vacation! I don't currently do this, but that might change in the future.

I hope this helps you guys get out there and find the deals!!!

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