Friday, January 1, 2010

Quarterly Review - Walgreens

Again, I just cannot believe how well I did at CVS and Walgreens during the last quarter of 2009! I had to use up some expiring Register Rewards at Walgreens, and forgot to take pictures of what I had purchased (soda, batteries, office supplies, snacks, etc), so I actually bought MORE than what is shown here! Check it out:

October 2009:

Total OOP (out of pocket): $12.47!!!
Total savings: $137.50!!!

November 2009:

Total OOP: $9.62!!!
Total savings: $273.89!!!

December 2009:

(Plus more not pictured)

Total OOP: $7.91!!!
Total savings: $338.24!!!!!
Total for October, November & December at Walgreens:
Total OOP: $30.00!!!
Total savings: $749.63!!!

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